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Here you can find prompts to start your writing as well as links to find more prompts. Enjoy!

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2016 Erased From History

What really grinds your gears?

Was there an important event that happened in your childhood? Try recreating it from an outside perspective.

Turn one of your scariest or most frightening memory and try turning it into a happy or humorous one.

Two people have been running into each other all day (behind each other in line at a coffee shop, stop at a bookstore and pick out a book from the same section, etc.). At the end of the day, they meet at the bus station and find out that they are both headed to the same destination.

Send a letter to yourself! Could be sent to you as a child or to yourself in the future. Maybe an alter-ego!

You find an chest in the basement of your house. It’s covered in dust, and looks like it could be hundred years old. What’s in it? What would you (or a character you create) do with these new found treasures?

Think of a time when someone wronged you in some way. Like the ‘scary memory’ prompt, try seeing it in a new or optimistic light.

You won the lottery and have one million dollars. What you spend it on? What would happen say five years down the line based on your purchases? What if someone you knew became a millionaire?